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How does Amazon’s shipping process from China work?

You have decided to become entrepreneurs and use Amazon’s online platform to market products in the US? The first step in this process begins with choosing the products that will be marketed, following a comprehensive market research, and then finding the supplier that offers you a quality product at a reasonable price. In most cases


How to avoid fines for storage in Amazon warehouses?

Amazon’s shipping services for suppliers who store the various items which are sent to the end customer under the Fulfilled By Amazon brand, have made suppliers’ lives easier, with most of the logistic activity, including the packaging of the product on its way to the end customer, inventory management and shipping, done by Amazon. The

Finding a reliable supplier in China

Imports from China have opened possibilities for Israelis to import high-quality products inexpensively; however, sometimes the product we receive is not the product that we ordered. Finding a reliable supplier in China will ensure that you receive exactly what you ordered at the best possible price. How do you find a reliable supplier in China?

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