Cargo Consolidation – lower shipping rates for smaller cargos

 You need to ship cargo abroad but it’s not enough to fill a container, or perhaps the air freight cost is too high for your budget? It’s exactly for these reasons that Rosenthal Logistics’ cargo consolidation service was created. By consolidating different items into one cargo, you can ship your goods even in amounts smaller than the industry’s standard cargo size – at lower costs, fast, safely and effectively.

Thanks to our professional experience and commercial connections with international logistical partners, Rosenthal Logistics provides a reliable, and accessible service at competitive prices and with fast lead times.

What is cargo consolidation?

In the freight industry – mainly ocean freight and some land transport options – there are standard cargo sizes. This includes, for example, a full container or a full truck. Obviously, not all shipments are of sufficient volume or quantity to fill a full container or other standard freight storage solution– but they still need to be shipped and delivered to an international destination.

Cargo consolidation allows the international shipment of these smaller cargos even using freight methods that require storage in a standard size container. Furthermore, consolidating shipment items can reduce the cost when the price it too high for regular shipment –air cargo is just one example.

Cargo consolidation is simply collecting various items from different clients and putting them all into a single container, truck or air cargo storage facility that’s going to the same destination. This way we can fill a container with many different items and also ship it out fast and safely while reducing freight costs for all consolidated shipments.

In air cargo freight, cargo consolidation also creates an advantage, thanks to the shipment size, and lowers the total cost for all the items. In international air shipping, the rates we’re charged decrease as the weight and volume of our cargo increases – another reason consolidating is effective.

Cargo consolidation in ocean freight – Less than Container Load (LCL)

When you have a small cargo or even a single packaged industrial product, you need to ship internationally and via ocean freight, you don’t want to pay for a full container as this will make the entire shipment non-viable economically. Sea transport cargo consolidation allows you to efficiently ship your product and cancels the need to wait until you fill a container or having to pay for a container that’s not even close to being full. This is called LCL shipment – Less than container load.

LCL ocean freight is an available, fast, safe and cost-effective option to transfer your smaller cargos. It offers flexibility and meets your clients demand for fast delivery.

Why use cargo consolidation with Rosenthal Logistics?

  • Simplicity and transparency in the consolidation process.
  • Delivering small shipments fast and efficiently without waiting to fill a container.
  • Rosenthal Logistics ships high volumes of goods using the consolidating model – so you get lower rates with a fast and reliable service.
  • Through global logistical co-operation with leading providers, we can offer this service to more international destinations and with better results.
  • Decreased lead and transit times, with lowered costs for consolidated items.
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