International Cargo Transport

The world has become more connected, geographically and economically, and everything’s fast and dynamic with clients and consumers demanding fast and efficient delivery of their products. To provide the best services and results you need a professional international transport service provider with the most suitable and adaptable infrastructure. Rosenthal Logistics has specialized in international cargo transportation, logistics and freight forwarding for over 80 years. We deliver goods using personalized solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

In a reality where geographical and commercial boundaries are falling, businesses are faced with many new commercial opportunities in global markets. However, reaping the full benefit this reality offers without comprehensive international cargo transportation and freight services can prove to be very challenging and costly. Rosenthal Logistics builds a personalized solution package of freight shipping, cargo transport, import/export and warehousing services for its clients – all in a financially viable structure.

Partnering with Rosenthal Logistics

  • Air transport: from and to Israel. Fast and accurate air transport with all the conditions you need to expedite efficient deliver to your clients.
  • Ocean transport: containers (FCL, LCL), Flexi-tanks for liquid transport, bulk transport, packages and all options for packaged products or equipment – to any global maritime destination.
  • Land transport: trucking and other suitable land transport and shipping methods using our proven network of logistical partners.
  • International transport of hazardous materials.
  • Temperature controlled international transport – all kinds of chilled or frozen goods.

Rosenthal Logistics’ experts are available to assist you with all issues regarding international and local freight and import/export regulation compliance, customs brokerage, cargo insurance, cargo tracking, warehousing and other logistical services. We are committed to provide the best possible service covering all aspects of international cargo transport and shipping.

Rosenthal Logistics – For all your international cargo transport needs, with great prices and tailored solutions.

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