Cargo Insurance – International shipping with peace of mind!

Rosenthal Logistics aspires to offer its clients from all fields of commercial activity a total, fully customizable logistical service package that completely meets their needs. We believe that in today’s fast paced and dynamic world smart logistics is critical to business success. Therefore, together with our many options for international shipping we also offer a personalized cargo insurance service.

Rosenthal Logistics builds cargo insurance packages for ocean, air and land cargos, for all cargo types, anywhere in the world.

When you do business in the global market there are many potential risks – From delays in ship arrival, delays in unloading your container at the port, cargo damage during shipping and a variety of other problems. All these can cause significant financial, operational and reputational damage. Therefore, it’s crucial that you have the correct cargo insurance, personalized to your specific cargo and freight method.

 Rosenthal Logistics works has strong and long-standing connections with insurance companies and underwriters who specialize in international freight and cargo insurance. We offer a full service to managing the policy purchase and documentation and commit to competitive and flexible rates. Our dedicated team is waiting to assist you and provide you with total peace of mind.

Complete international cargo insurance usually includs local insurance in the outbound country, insurance after arrival to the destination country and of course coverage for the transit and shipping periods and all its phases.

An open policy or a onetime coverage?

In terms of general cargo insurance policy types, it’s customary to divide them into two types: an open policy for multiple shipments or a onetime policy. We offer both types.

  • Onetime cargo coverage: designed as insurance for a single cargo being shipped abroad. Coverage is valid until the cargo reaches its destination. This type of policy requires accurate and full details regarding cargo contents, financial value, and point of origin, destination, freight carrier and relevant shipment schedule. This is ideal for businesses which occasionally need international shipping rather than on a regular basis.
  • Open policy cargo insurance: Insurance coverage designed for multiple cargo shipments done by a business. This type of policy is for general cargo coverage covering a time frame and not for a specific shipment. In other words, an open policy provides financial coverage up to a certain amount (total cargo worth or worth by weight unit) for ALL the client’s shipments – export & import – as long as the policy is within the purchased time frame. No need to report every outbound shipment individually. Sometimes, you can purchase an open policy without a time limit, valid until either side cancels it.

Cargo insurance coverage options

In most cases, clients shipping goods buy general and inclusive cargo insurance, also called “Clause A” insurance. This covers the cargo from the initial pickup and until final delivery at the destination, for all shipping methods and transit phases. This general coverage is for your purchase value and not the goods retail value. In addition you’re covered for freight costs and other financial risks relating to the cargo (damage, loss and even delivery delays).

 You can also buy a specific insurance policy covering more risks for your cargo:

  • Clause B insurance: coverage only for cargo damage from specified risks in the policy, such as fire, sinking, container falling from the ship, sea/air/land accidents, etc.
  • Clause C insurance: Catastrophe coverage. Provides coverage for cargo damage from severe risks, such as ship sinking, aircraft crashing, total loss due to fire, damage from major natural disaster, etc.

Looking for cargo insurance that will really give you security and peace of mind, both during shipment and when you need to activate the policy after cargo damage? Contact Rosenthal Logistics for further details and a personalized quote.

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