International Freight & Shipping – The best and simplest solutions

Delivering every kind of product and goods, to any global location and using all available methods of international freight and shipping. We are Rosenthal Logistics, a family owned company that’s also global at the same time, uncompromising professionals that find tailored solutions for every client and every project – with optimal results in terms of cost, efficiency, schedules and delivery accuracy.

 Rosenthal Logistics offers a broad portfolio of international freight forwarding solutions –sea, air and land and with optimal solutions to ship and deliver all the products or goods you need. Our experienced professional team is available to serve you and is committed at all levels to work closely with you to build a personalized solutions package that has proven added value, both logistically and financially.

The world within your reach!

Rosenthal Logistics has over 80 years of experience in global freight and logistical services – in-depth and comprehensive knowledge and familiarity with all aspects of shipping logistics so that we can provide the best results for our clients.

Rosenthal Logistics main areas of operating include:

  • Ocean Freight: all forms of freight forwarding and cargo storage aboard the vessel.
  • Air Freight: a variety of solutions with the perfect combination of speed and cost.
  • Land Freight: to all destinations, before or after your sea or air shipment.
  • Flexi-Tanks: the best way to ship liquids internationally.
  • Shipping hazardous materials
  • Express Shipping: the fastest to Europe and from the EU to the rest of the world.
  • Specializing in shipping to and from Russia, former USSR countries and Eastern Europe. Also freight shipping to Australia and Oceania.
  • Drop Shipping: directly to global consumers, mainly for eCommerce businesses.
  • Amazon FBA Service: designated international shipping service for Amazon FBA sellers, to all global FBA warehouses.
  • Cargo Insurance


Rosenthal Logistics offers an international service and is proud to provide its clients, both in Israel and globally, freight forwarding and logistical solutions that are fully customized. Every cargo you have, delivered efficiently anywhere in the world.

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