Transporting and shipping liquids (Flexi-Tanks)

One of the more complicated logistical challenges, especially in international shipping, is the transport of bulk liquids. To create a winning combination of safe and effective transport together with attractive shipping costs and the ability to transport large volumes of liquids – you need a specific and special logistical solution such as the Flexi-Tank system.

Rosenthal Logistics works with large companies in various industrial fields and we handle liquid shipments for our clients using this ideal combination, thanks to the Flexi-Tank system and our logistical expertise.

Flexi-Tank allows you to safely transport up to 24,000 liters of liquids in one cargo, when the liquid storage solution is installed inside a standard maritime container – making it safer and well protected.

What is the Flexi-Tank system?

Flexi-Tank is a relatively new logistical solution for the shipping of bulk liquids classified as non-hazardous. The system ensures that every cubic centimeter of your cargo space and volume is optimized, allowing you to transport the maximum liquid volume at the minimum cost and without compromising on safety.

The Flexi-Tank solution is a flexible liquid storage bag, made from polyethylene (very strong and resistant plastic) with a faucet on the front to facilitate easy filling and emptying. The Flexi-Tank is installed by our team inside a standard shipping container that adds structure and improved protection to the liquid and a better and much safer way to transport bulk liquids using ocean or land freight. At the front of the flexible Flexi-Tank there’s an added protection barrier between the tank and the container doors – leaving the tap visible and accessible when the doors are opened.

When the tank is being filled, it gradually “inflates”, until its full capacity is reached.

Liquid capacity

Inside a standard 20 feet shipping container, a Flexi-Tank system can contain up to 24,000 liters. In addition, we also offer systems with a 16,000 liter capacity for smaller liquid cargos. The size of the tank is determined according to the amount of liquid you need transported, as well as the liquid type and its density which effect the overall weight of the container.

Type of liquids fit to transfer in Flexi-tanks

Thanks to its logistical advantages throughout the shipping and transport stages and the ability to contain high volumes of liquids in perfect safety, the Flexi-Tank solution fits many needs and types of liquid materials.

  • Wines
  • Bulk drinks
  • Water
  • Concentrates for the juice and food industry
  • Oils
  • Nonhazardous chemicals.
  • Liquids requiring chilled transport – Installation in a temperature controlled container.
  • Any non-dangerous liquid (according to FIATA regulations) designated for industrial or food uses.

Most of Rosenthal Logistics’ Flexi-Tanks are for single use and are disposable, but we can also offer special multi-use tanks that can be washed and re-used.

Flexi-Tank advantages

  • Low to zero oxygen migration into the tanks.
  • Protects liquids from organic materials that can damage the cargo’s quality.
  • Allows for cheaper and more logistically diverse liquid transport compared to Iso-Tanks.
  • Customizable liquid volumes.
  • No need to pay for the return shipping of the liquid container.
  • Saves time when filling and emptying the tanks.
  • Reduced liquid loss while emptying – only 0.1% loss max.
  • Shipping liquids “door to door”, faster lead times and fewer third parties.

Looking for an effective, safe and cheap way to deliver bulk liquids to or from Israel? Contact Rosenthal Logistics and we’ll build you a winning shipping and transportation package.

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