Importing Products from China - Rosenthal Logistics is your import partner!

Today, we can’t imagine the Israeli and global economies without the heavy import of products from China. In fact, it’s likely that you’re reading these lined on a device manufactured in China and imported to your country. Chinese production and exports are responsible for a huge amount of global trade. Products are imported to the Israeli market from China in increasing numbers each year. Rosenthal Logistics operates a dedicated service for importing products from China, using all freight methods.

Importing goods from China to Israel with the best freight options and routes, fast lead times, reliability, credibility and competitive rates for a personalized service. Full logistical coverage!

Here at Rosenthal Logistics we can assist you with all aspects of importing products from China to Israel, as well as other global destinations:

  • Cargo pickup in China
  • Communication with Chinese personnel
  • Outbound custom release
  • International shipping
  • Cargo insurance
  • Import customs brokerage and bureaucracy
  • Warehousing
  • Destination delivery

Importing from China via ocean freight

Extensive operational co-operation and high cargo volume allows us to offer our clients excellent ocean freight services for good being imported from China to Israel and Europe. Rosenthal Logistics provides fast cargo shipping with a high frequency of outgoing container ships to Israel and the European market. We offer FCL and LCL freight options for a fully customized service and smart shipping costs. You can also receive ocean freight services from China for the safe transfer of liquids, hazardous materials, etc.

Importing goods from china via air freight

The “open sky” agreement and the general growth is Israel-China trade (both private and commercial), is making the air freight of imported Chinese products to the local market more popular and common. This shipping options offers the fastest route to the Israeli consumer, but it’s naturally priced higher in terms of rates per weight/volume unit compared to ocean freight. Air shipping from China with Rosenthal Logistics is attractively priced and lets you offer your clients delivery in record time. We offer air freight from most of China’s major airports.

Importing from China with Rosenthal Logistics

As a freight forwarding and logistical company with over 80 years’ experience, we identified the meteoric rise of the Chinese market and its further expansion into global exports. After establishing business relationships with leading Chinese and global logistical partners in China, we can now offer the best services for importing goods from China to Israel and a variety of countries. This is done with an uncompromising emphasis on credibility, reliability, accurate and fast schedules, shipment personalization and low freight costs.

Looking for a competitive and reliable service for importing products from China? Welcome to Rosenthal Logistics and our array of solutions, build for your success!

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