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When you need to import a relatively small number of products quickly and with uncompromising efficiency and safety, you require fast import services that can be trusted. Rosenthal Logistics specializes in personalized import/export services and logistics and offers you exactly this! Fast imports to Israel and other global markets, with top priority speed, great rates and all the services you need. 

Rosenthal Logistics has a designated team that’s specifically trained and highly experienced in managing rapid import services and takes care of all related logistical needs.

When a client contacts us asking for fast import services and express delivery from a global destination to Israel, we immediately start the wheels turning, choosing the shortest route, optimum freight options. We use our excellent professional contacts with global logistical partners so we can get your shipment in the air ASAP. For these top priority and time sensitive cargos, we’ll usually go for the air shipping option as it allows fastest arrival, shorter transit times and cargo prioritizing in terms of the aircraft’s total cargo loading.

Rosenthal Logistics is an expert in logistical services and freight forwarding for importers and exporters, mainly for the Israeli market. We work in close cooperation with leading global logistical company Cargo-Partner and can offer effective and custom made solutions for fast shipping of import needs – From China, USA, Europe, Russia and almost any global destination.

An integral part of providing fast import services is an expedited custom brokerage and release process, so you receive your goods fast for your business needs.

We’d like to note that even though most international cargos are shipped via ocean freight which is a cheaper way to ship internationally in terms of rate per weight/volume unit, this is also a much slower transport method. A ship from China or America will need, at minimum, a few weeks to reach a port in Israel or Europe. With air freight we can deliver a cargo within 1-2 business days in the fastest cases.

What cargos are suitable for the fast import service?

This type of priority shipment and import service is naturally designed for relatively smaller cargos in terms of volume and/or quantity. If you have a full container that you need transferring to Israel, it can only be shipped via sea freight which is – as we already said – much slower. But if you have a package or a crate with imported products, our fast, priority services become relevant. Hence, the service is suitable for the import of smaller batches of products or a single product rather than a large number or FCL freight.

Another important aspect of delivery using a fast import service is how easy it is to release the cargo from the customs authorities. When your imported products are known and simple to categorize in terms of custom regulations, the quicker it is to release them. We always plan ahead of cargo arrival, so we stay on top of things with regards to fast custom release.

When you need fast import services and express shipments that actually deliver with speed, efficiency and lower costs – use Rosenthal Logistics!

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