With more than a decade of local experience, Rosenthal Logistics offers a complete range of import, export and cross-trade services in Russia and CIS countries.

Our services offer quick delivery times to all major locations. We also operate logistics services out
of the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk, which offers a more worthwhile and faster route of forwarding goods to Central Asia compared to going via Riga port.

Our air, ocean and road freight services can deliver goods to all major locations within two weeks.
Our expert country division has representative offices at all sea ports in Russia and the Baltics. Alongside gaining insights into the local culture, language and regulations, you can have confidence that there is someone ready to provide support at any given time.

Our extensive expertise also means we can take on specialised projects using a variety of different transport options as required. Our agents personally take care of each project from door-to-door so that you know that everything from customs to documentation is covered.

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