Importing goods to Israel with Rosenthal Logistics

Israel’s economy is defined by many experts as an “island economy”, in the geo-political sense. As such, Israel must import many goods to its local market and actually, imports more than exports. Recent years saw the opening of the Israeli market to the import of many goods and products. In a complex and dynamic global market, this reality creates an opportunity but also a need for excellent logistical partners for importers.

Rosenthal Logistics has specialized in the provision of logistical services for import/export processes to and from Israel for over 80 years. We offer importers a professional logistical infrastructure and a personalized, start to finish service – from the shipping of your cargo from its point of origin to managing its efficient entry to Israel and delivery to its final destination. We also provide warehousing, labeling, packing and other logistical needs.

In many cases and instances, importing to the Israeli market can be a complex processes and requires the allocation of substantial resources to deal with bureaucracy and import regulations. Therefore, working with a logistical service provider that knows the ins and outs of these processes and offers reliable abilities with a proven track record, is critical for your business success. With Rosenthal Logistics you have complete confidence regarding all logistical aspects of importing goods and can concentrate on other import factors and creating a commercial success for your products.

Goods import using sea freight

Naturally, most of imports into Israel arrive by sea. Rosenthal Logistics manages shipping and import services for full containers (FCL), smaller cargos using container consolidation for better rates and lead times (LCL), bulk freight, temperature-controlled freight and various special options. Each import project we deal with, receives a fully customizable service with uncompromising accuracy and professionalism.

We’re a logistics and freight forwarding company without our own ships (NVOOC model), so we work closely with leading freight partners and can promise and deliver safe, fast and reliable sea freight shipments together with flexibility and great rates – from almost any port.

Importing goods as air cargo

The fastest way to imports urgent, sensitive or small goods to Israel is by air. Nowadays Israel’s skies are far more open and there’s a huge amount of cargo and commercial flights entering the country. We can definitely see an increase in air cargo imports, mainly on specialized cargo aircraft. Air transportation and the increased opening of the market in terms of regulatory changes allow for the import of many goods and products with great speed and efficiency. Rosenthal Logistics can organize air freight that reaches Israel from Europe within a single day – great for urgent cargo and fresh agriculture produce.

Custom brokerage and release for importers

A crucial aspect of successful import into any global market is quick and efficient release from customs, with minimum costs and bureaucracy for the importer. We realize this and so offer a complete and rapid custom brokerage service (both outbound and inbound) in addition to a complete import logistical package.

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