International Express Shipment

In today’s business and economical reality, the ability to deliver products and goods quickly to clients and markets across the world is critical for commercial success and meeting demands in a competitive global market. To achieve fast results with international shipping of your products, you need a logistical partner that’s up for the task – You need Rosenthal Logistics!

Rosenthal Logistics is a creative and experienced international freight and logistical services company that matches each client with the best possible solutions and at attractive costs.

We have been active in international shipping and freight solutions and logistical services in the Israeli market for over 80 years. Rosenthal Logistics operates commercial relationships with global logistical providers so that we can offer our clients an international express shipment service for virtually all goods and products and to any point on the globe.

Fully customized international express shipping

Whether you need to deliver a packaged product urgently to a client abroad or whether you have a shipment of fresh produce that needs to be in European stores the following morning, we have an express shipment option that perfectly fits your needs and requirements. When every second counts, Rosenthal Logistics’ team is there for you and will find the best and fastest shipment and delivery options, not forgetting competitive prices and safe transfer.

Global cooperation with partners, combined with Rosenthal Logistics’ excellent logistical infrastructure and proven experience, are what allow us to offer clients flexible solutions for highly urgent or sensitive international shipments. Obviously, because we’re dealing with express shipments, Rosenthal Logistics is also responsible for fast and efficient customs release and transportation to the final destination.

Rosenthal Logistics offers international express shipping services to Europe and other popular destinations globally. These fast shipments are done mainly by air, maintaining your schedule needs and storage conditions for the products.

Affordable and competitive express shipping costs

Naturally, express shipping solutions are more expensive compared to slower and less urgent freight solutions – for instance ocean freight or non-express / economy air shipping. To get your cargo on the earliest and fastest flight to its destination, the price charged by flight carriers and other service providers increases, and so does your final cost.

But in every case, Rosenthal Logistics promises transparency and reliability, with that resulting in our finding the most attractive shipping rates for our clients, without sacrificing their speed and efficiency requirements.

Global destinations for express shipping

Rosenthal Logistics works in close commercial partnership with Cargo-Partner, a leading global logistical company. This allows us to offer you excellent world coverage for express shipments. As already mentioned, Europe is a major destination for express shipment services for industrial, agricultural and retail businesses shipping from or to Israel. But we and our partners can also deliver international express shipping to a variety of other global destinations, including North America, Russia and Asia.

As well as ensuring a fast arrival at its final destination, Rosenthal Logistics places a strong emphasis on providing the best freight conditions, cargo safety, relevant cargo insurance and transport efficiency – We think about all the details, so your shipment arrives perfectly and safely.

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