Drop Shipping – helping you reach more markets!

Today consumers – private and business – buy products from all over the world. In a world where almost every country is a potential market for businesses from most fields of commerce, you need a fast and smart way to ship products to your global clients. Drop shipping service allows you to reach anywhere with your products, quickly and efficiently and with the product going directly from the manufacturer to the end buyer.

 Rosenthal Logistics offers global drop shipping services, with full coverage with our team managing the process from start to finish, with excellent results and lead times. The service is provided to Israeli businesses that want their shipments to go directly to buyers from manufacturers or overseas warehouses without transferring through Israel. In addition, the drop shipping solution is available to businesses and eCommerce operators with global activity in other countries.

Our drop shipment service is delivered and executed with “best in class” results by exploiting partnerships and co-operation with leading logistical companies across the world, mainly Cargo-Partner. This provides you with a major global network that can transfer goods from any point to any destination. Obviously, the entire drop shipping process is customized to your needs, with accurate documentation and a tailor made client-experience.

All the options for drop shipping – for a fully customizable solution

Whether you’re selling products to private consumers and need your product to swiftly reach your client’s door directly from the manufacturer or whether you’re a company that needs to transport equipment to a business client abroad – with Rosenthal Logistics you get fully customizable drop shipping solutions that 100% fit your needs and requirements.

  • Drop shipping via ocean freight
  • International drop shipping via air freight – the fastest way.
  • Providing the best land transport solutions for your cargo after reaching destination country.
  • Drop shipping and “door to door” or “door to port” working model.

Rosenthal Logistics and our global partners have a great global network of shipping options and logistical solutions. We deliver efficiently and safely with a superior supply chain.

How drop shipments work?

In essence, drop shipments allow you to shorten lead times and make global sales while maintaining fast delivery. When you use a drop shipping service provider, it’s you making the sell but us handling all the shipping logistics, without the product ever going passing through your hands. This is a great option to reduce stock levels, to prevent the product coming from a less desirable point of origin, to effectively manage business expenses and income and in many other circumstances.

When using drop shipping services, we at Rosenthal Logistics act as the command center for the entire process – in charge of product pickup, packaging, document replacement and labeling, cargo insurance, international shipping, custom clearance and client delivery. You are able to track progress throughout the shipping and delivery process and can provide your client with tracking info. The package can be delivered directly to your client, to a logistical center, to a postal address, to an airport or sea port, a collection point, etc.

Looking for a reliable, safe, professional and accurate drop shipping provider? Rosenthal Logistics proven success record makes us your perfect global partner. Call us today!

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