Custom Brokerage for import/export

If your business is exporting products abroad or importing them into Israel, you need a professional, reliable and accurate custom brokerage service that can navigate through the intricate maze of Israeli import/export regulations and laws. You need a service that’s working FOR you.

Rosenthal Logistics custom brokerage services are part of a full suite of logistical solutions that we provide our clients – International freight, cargo transport, warehousing, drop shipping and cargo insurance. Our custom brokerage reduces custom duties and compliance costs, and gives you the peace of mind to focus on the important business issues ahead, letting us handle all custom related issues.

Rosenthal Logistics employs authorized custom brokers with a thorough understanding of all aspects of customs and all of whom have excellent working relationships with customs officers.

Custom brokerage service that watches over your interests

  • Handling all customs related bureaucracy in an expatiated and efficient manner – both for import and for export processes.
  • Customs brokerage that’s based on vast experience and technical know-how regarding customs classifications, taxes, international trade agreements etc.
  • Conveniently combining customs brokerage with all our other logistical services, so you can manage your supply chain, globally and locally, efficiently and with reduced costs.
  • Compliance with all customs requirements and regulations. Thus, preventing cargo delays, fines, further costs and other potential problems.
  • High, fast availability and accessibility to your customs brokers and account managers.
  • Benefit from the long lasting, excellent relationships we have with global customs brokers and logistic service providers.


An accurate, reliable and personalized customs brokerage service that saves you money, time, and the “headaches” associated with dealing with these matters – Only with Rosenthal Logistics which always operates for you.  

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