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Storage and transport of hazardous materials – Safe and fully compliant when using Rosenthal Logistics

Storing and transporting hazardous materials are two jobs requiring the greatest attention to detail and total adherence to standards and best practices, even more so than cargos classified as non-hazardous. Many industry players need to work and deal with hazardous materials, and there’s no shortage of materials classified as MAZMAT. At some point, there comes a need to move and/or store these materials before shipping.

 Rosenthal Logistics offers a dedicated and uncompromisingly professional service for the correct storage and safe transportation of hazardous materials. We hold all relevant certifications and adhere to international standards for the handling of dangerous materials.

International shipping of hazardous materials

Local storage and transportation of hazardous materials are always complex and sensitive projects, so when it comes to the international shipping of these dangerous items, everything becomes much more complicated operationally and requires first class performance. There are international standards and regulations regarding the transportation of items classified as dangerous and safety measures must be fool-proof.

For technical and regulatory reasons, most hazardous materials are transported via sea, especially if it’s a large cargo. Ocean freight of dangerous goods is facilitated in designated storage facilities – in sealed containers or special liquid tanks suitable for the job.

Rosenthal Logistics has extensive and long experience with providing customizable solutions for the storage and transportation of hazardous materials, especially with regards to international shipping and logistical services. Many industrial companies, in Israel and globally, trust us and choose us as their logistical service provider.

Full compliance to hazardous materials regulations

We at Rosenthal Logistics are intimately aware of all local and international laws and regulations regarding the transportation and storage of dangerous materials, and we continue to be updated and provide the best solutions.

  • IATA regulations: Air transport of dangerous goods. Valid for all countries that adopted ICAO regulations and all IATA member airlines.
  • IMDG regulations: working procedures and standards for maritime freight of dangerous cargos.
  • ADR regulations: land transportation of hazardous materials.

Rosenthal Logistics “HAZMAT” solutions

On a practical level, here at Rosenthal Logistics we provide a full logistical solution package for handling hazardous materials both in storage and transportation. We can handle everything from the international delivery of small packages of dangerous items via air freight to large cargos being shipped to a complicated destination via ocean freight.

  • Safe and secure storage of hazardous materials before shipment.
  • Packing “HAZMAT” items for correct and compliant shipment.
  • Land delivery before/after international shipping.
  • Accurate and custom made solutions for the international shipping of dangerous goods.
  • Full logistical treatment of dangerous cargos, also abroad after reaching the destination country or prior to an outbound shipment to Israel.
  • Custom brokerage and release services, specifically for hazardous materials.

Looking for logistical professionals for a reliable and safe hazardous materials service? Contact Rosenthal Logistics today for further details and a personalized quote.

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