Long Term warehousing / Secured Storage for rent

When dealing with import/export and global business, you’re operating in a reality that’s dynamic, competitive and, more often than not, filled with uncertainty and complex time tables. That’s why many businesses require flexible logistical services for long term warehousing and secure storage for rent. Rosenthal Logistics offers personalized solutions for international freight, cargo transfer, and has facilities designed for quality and safe storage of your goods.

Smart, secured warehousing that’s tailored to your location, size, storage conditions and pricing needs is critical to an effective and economical supply chain. Here at Rosenthal Logistics we know exactly how-to custom build the best storage solutions and at the best price.

We offer long term warehousing facilities and secured storage space, in Israel and, through our partners, in strategic global locations. All locations and logistical facilities utilize advanced storage technologies and infrastructures and have a proven and credible track record.

Long term warehousing – flexible for your changing logistical needs

Whether your business is growing rapidly, and you lack the warehouse space you suddenly need or whether your stock levels are too high and unsold (or for any other reason), renting dedicated, professional and flexible warehousing space provides you the solution you need fast and in an easy and cost-effective fashion. Rosenthal Logistics offers you warehousing solutions that fit your current needs and can grow or be reduced accordingly, without investing heavily on extending your own warehouse. 

Secured storage for rent

If you have sensitive equipment or products that require constant and close security – for protection from theft, hazardous materials etc. – Rosenthal Logistics offers a flexible and discrete service for the rental of a fully secured storage space, perfect for a variety of goods and purposes and meeting optimal safe warehousing conditions. These storage facilities are secured 24/7, closed, locked and guarded. You can choose just the precise storage space you need, to best suite your needs and budget.

Rosenthal Logistics offers clients in Israel and abroad advanced and personalized solutions for long term warehousing and secured storage space for rent. Call us today for further details.

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