Import / Export – Your partner in the Israeli market

With Rosenthal Logistics as your provider for all your import / export needs to and from Israel, you can easily and effectively manage your global supply chain, save on logistical costs and perform better operationally and financially, and meet all the regulatory requirements of all your import/export processes.

Over 80 years’ experience and a profound understanding of every aspect of the global logistical market, with all its complexity, Rosenthal Logistics is your partner of choice in the Israeli and global market. Our logistical and business teams are here to assist you and provide you with critical knowledge, expert consultation and the best solutions to allow you to navigate effectively and optimally through the maze of import/export regulations, costs, customs issues, and of course, freight options.

 Whether you need an international freight solution from Israel by sea or air, or whether you’re looking for customs brokerage services for goods entering Israel or any other relevant import and export service– with Rosenthal Logistics you’re covered and on the safe road to success.

Rosenthal Logistics has vast experience and great professional infrastructure for operations such as importing products from China to Israel or exporting all types of products and goods from Israel to international markets. Our services include personalized freight solutions that are accurate, reliable and cost effective. We work with you closely throughout all import/export processes – including, but not limited to, assisting with trade regulations, customs, warehousing, shipping, packaging, labeling and distribution.

 Importing or exporting goods to or from Israel?

Rosenthal Logistics operates a large team of global logistics professionals, a global partner network, customs and regulation experts, and obviously, advanced freight forwarding solutions. Our clients can rest assured that they will receive trustworthy, reliable, innovative and cost-effective solutions which guaranty the safe and timely delivery of products and goods from their departure point to the final destination.

We provide international freight and shipping services whether exports from Israel or imports to the local market. In addition, we take you through the entire import/export process in terms of paper work, documentation, compliancy and dealing smartly with trade actions.

Overcoming the challenges of Israeli import/export with Rosenthal Logistics’ winning service – Call us now for more details!

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