Shipment Tracking – Always stay updated on your cargo's status

The international cargo shipping process is a complex one and includes many stages and elements as your cargo moves along its route. That’s why a smart and efficient cargo freight process requires accuracy and advanced tracking and monitoring abilities. Shipment tracking technology lets you comply with yours clients’ high demands regarding delivery and work smartly in a dynamic market. Rosenthal Logistics gives you   a user-friendly tracking platform based on advanced technology covering all shipment stages. 

 Advanced data systems

Rosenthal Logistics uses smart and complex data systems that are designed for international freight and trade logistics. These systems allow effective and real time monitoring and control of your cargo’s status and transit phase, as well as in depth data analysis for accurate shipment tracking.

The international shipping market has evolved greatly in recent years, mainly in its technological abilities. All players in this vast and complex market must be able to communicate with all the involved systems and be able to track cargos, ships, aircraft, land transport vehicles, warehouses and a vast pool of other important and useful data. The information and tracking systems we and our global partners use for all international shipping processes creates a technological benefit through which, at any given moment, the client can see exactly where his cargo is, its remaining stages, schedule estimate, etc.

Accurate shipment tracking adds transparency and credibility, both to the logistical service provider and the client who owns/bought the cargo. This makes international freight shipping more efficient and improves the businesses planning abilities and logistical results.

How is shipment tracking done?

Generally speaking. Shipment tracking is based on data from the technological systems mentioned above. These systems rely on GPS analysis from freight carriers, air, ocean and road traffic control systems, planned route maps, periodical reports from cargo carriers and other tracking facilities. Every shipment, of any kind, big or small, by air, sea or land, has its own assigned details that allow our integrated tracking system to get real time accurate info on its current status.

At every shipment stage, your cargo’s ID details are scanned, and the tracking systems are updated. Both the sender and the recipient can connect to the tracking system and see the relevant cargo details.

Shipment tracking provides important technical and logistical information, so all the parties involved can plan smartly. Using the tracking system you can see details such as cargo pickup, arrival at the outbound port, customs clearance, international transfer status and even exact location, estimated lead time, customs brokerage clearance, transport to destination, delivery – and various other statistics and data relating to your specific shipment.

With Rosenthal Logistics you get real time shipment tracking that improves your planning and logistical results. Always know what’s going on with your cargo and get peace of mind with our international shipping services.  

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